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Other Advanced Specialty Programs

Now that you have completed the Open Water Diver Course - What's Next? Deep Diver, Navigation Diver, Night Diver, and Nitrox Courses are considered the core courses to become an Advanced Diver. There are many other dive specialties to choose from. Some may be taken just for fun and many can be taken to further your dive education and make you a better, all around diver. You can also apply any of these specialties toward the Master Diver Certification. 

Bermuda Triangle has a staff of highly trained Instructors that can take you through the process of becoming the best diver you can possibly be! Please contact the shop or come by and talk with one of our staff members about any of our specialties.


  • Wreck Diver
  • Drysuit Diver
  • Boat Diver
  • Drift Diver
  • Equipment Specialist
  • Solo Diver
  • Full Face Mask Diver
  • Underwater Hunter and Collector Diver
  • Search & Recovery Diver
  • Underwater Photography Diver


  • TDI Nitrox
  • TDI Advanced Nitrox
  • TDI Decompression Procedures
  • Cavern Diver
  • Basic Cave Diver
  • Full Cave Diver

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