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Nitrox Diver - Advanced Specialty Course

What is Nitrox?

Strictly speaking “nitrox” is any breathing mixture of oxygen and nitrogen, including standard breathing air (the stuff that covers the planet). Divers today, however, are generally referring to what is commonly called “Enriched Air Nitrox” when they talk about nitrox diving. These “EAN” mixtures contain a higher than normal percentage of oxygen, thereby reducing the nitrogen and increasing the allowable safe bottom time. You’ll remember from your Open Water Diver Class that nitrogen build-up in your tissues is the factor limiting the amount of time you can stay underwater at a given depth without requiring decompression stops during your ascent.

Why Dive Nitrox?

Three words --- more bottom time. On a 60 foot dive on air the allowable bottom time is 55 minutes. With a 40% Nitrox mixture, the allowable bottom time is 2 hours and 34 minutes. In addition, Nitrox is a safer mix to dive than air, and many divers report less fatigue after diving with Nitrox. Isn't it time you made the switch to Nitrox? Note: Contrary to popular opinion, Nitrox is not used for deep diving. Instead, the optimum depth range for Nitrox is from 50 feet to 130 feet. Note: The only equipment that needs modification is your tanks. These must be upgraded for Oxygen service and labeled with a Nitrox label.

Two Easy Ways To Get Nitrox Certified!

Online SDI Course: Simply give us a call or come by the shop to sign up for the course. Complete the online portion at your convenience, then call the shop to set up an appointment for the practical exam. One hour later you can walk out with your new Nitrox Certification Card in hand.

Total Cost: $160 - Includes the online course and the certification card.

In-House TDI Course: Are you interested in becoming a Tech Diver or maybe you are a math junky, then the TDI Nitrox Course might be for you? In the TDI Course we teach the theory, formulas, and tables to give you a head start on the Tech path.

When you sign up, we issue the TDI Homestudy Manual for about 5 hours of home study on your part. When you have completed the home study, call the shop to schedule a class session (approx 3 1/2 hours) to finish the course.

Total Cost: $195 Includes the manual, class session, and certification card.

How is that for EASY?

Call today for more details 864 286 3483 or email