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Advanced Dive Courses - Enhancing Your Skills

SDI requirements for Advanced Diver Certification
* Complete 4 specialty courses and 25 total logged dives *

  • Option #1 - Advanced Specialty Courses priced separately
    • Deep Diver $150 - Includes 2 deep dives, Deep Diver Manual and Deep Certification Card
    • (add the Computer Diver specialty for $32)
    • Night Diver $150 - Includes 2-night dives, Night Diver Manual and Certification Card
    • Navigation Diver $150 - Includes 2 dives, Navigation Diver Manual and Certification Card
    • Wreck Diver $195 - Includes 2 Dives, Wreck Diver Manual and Wreck Certification Card
    • Nitrox Diver - Read all the details on the Nitrox link on the Advanced Courses
    • Complete 4 specialty courses from BT and the Advanced Diver Card is FREE upon completion of your 25th logged dive ($32 Value)

Advanced course manuals are included in course fees. Homestudy Answer Guides must be turned in prior to completing the required dives.

  • Option #2 - The BT Advanced Adventure Diver Course
    • Combines the Deep / Navigation / Night / Computer Diver Courses
    • Includes all manuals and certification cards
    • Package Price - $375 saves you $186 over separate course prices (add 2nd person for $350).
    • Dives can be completed locally and many courses can be completed in one weekend of diving. You may also complete some of your dives on many of our store sponsored trips. 
    • Price includes All Equipment rentals, Tanks, and air fill for the course.

Any Certified Open Water Diver from a Nationally Recognized Agency (SDI, SSI, PADI, NAUI, etc) can take these courses. We consider the Deep, Navigation, Night, and Nitrox courses to be the core training for an Advanced Diver. Other Specialty Courses that a diver can complete to enhance their training are Drysuit Diver, Wreck Diver, Drift Diver, Equipment Specialist, Photography, and Cavern Diver - the list just goes on and on.

Some of these courses may train you for participation in more advanced dives, such as wreck diving or cave diving while others can be just plain fun. There are more than 30 different courses that we offer at Bermuda Triangle. We can take you from beginner all the way to Dive Instructor!

Give us a call and let's get you started down the right path to becoming a more accomplished diver! Call today for more details 864 286 3483 or email